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Whether it's breaking news, responses from dating sites, or shift scheduling, many of the push notifications that get noticed every day are made possible by OneSignal — Median’s most popular push notification service. OneSignal is both rich in advanced messaging features and a fit for businesses of all sizes. 

Median’s OneSignal plugin is free to test in advance of publishing and, if you choose Full-Service App Development, our team will configure OneSignal for your app end-to-end, so you can start sending notifications the instant your app is live in the app stores.

Once configured, OneSignal push notifications can be composed and dispatched manually through the OneSignal dashboard, and can be sent programmatically through OneSignal’s API. Median implements a comprehensive set of functionality such as:

  • Push notification permission management
  • Open URL in app
  • Send data to app
  • Foreground/background notification management
  • Personalized push
  • Programmatic push
  • Rich notifications
  • Custom notifications sounds
  • Data tags / subscription management
  • In-App messages

Of these features, personalized and programmatic notifications are most popular among Median customers. Personalized notifications enable you to send notifications to specific users based on email address or device ID. Programmatic notifications enable you to send transactional notifications based on events that occur on your platform. Combine these two features to deliver an immersive experience for your users. For instance, trigger push notifications based on package shipments, flight delays, new messages, or pending bills to keep your users in the loop and increase engagement. Or, send friendly and personalized messages to nudge users who haven't completed their profiles or who have abandoned their shopping carts to bring them back to your app and drive results.

Discover the power of push notifications, made easy with OneSignal, and deliver an engaging and captivating experience for your users.

Key features


Send personalized notifications programmatically:

Increase user satisfaction and keep them coming back with personalized push notifications that provide the right information at the right time.


Free pricing tier available:

Once you add Median’s plugin, OneSignal offers a free tier for our customers which can be used to send iOS and Android notifications without ongoing fees.


Add advanced messaging features:

Easily add additional OneSignal features such as In-App Messages, Journeys, and Live Activities which are all supported by the Median plugin and simply require a corresponding plan from OneSignal.

faqs about this plugin

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