App Testing

Troubleshooting app functionality

We maintain a comprehensive developer portal which can be used to test a range of app functionality: Throughout our documentation look for green callout boxes in the format of the following example.


Developer Demo

Display our demo page in your app to test during development

In this example you would display the page within your app and use the included buttons to test the "Share" functionality within your app.

  • During development you may replace the Website URL with the demo page url on the Overview tab and create a new build.
  • In production you may add a link to the demo page on your live site. Often customers hide the link to ensure there is no confusion for real users.
    • There are many creative techniques such as requiring a sequence of taps/clicks on a certain page. For example one of our customers operates a hotel booking app and searching for hotel with specific attributes launches the developer portal.

If the developer portal demo functions successfully in your app but your own website is not functioning:

  1. Recheck your JavaScript against the corresponding documentation.
  2. Inspect the source code for our demo site in your desktop browser.
  3. Debug your page when it is displayed in your app following the guidance at Development Tools.

If the developer portal demo does not function in your app get in touch with our team by posting a question in our discussion forum or open a ticket under your active support plan.

Install app on a physical device

You may test your app at any time using our online browser-based simulators. To run your iOS app on a physical device you will need a MacOS computer running the latest Xcode version. To run your Android app on a physical device you can download the .APK file from your app's management page.

For more details on building your app for local testing refer to the appropriate sections within this documentation:

Customers who purchase Median's App Publishing service will receive on-device testing for iOS using Apple TestFlight.